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The founders of NA & Associates

Senior Principal Consultant

His work experience over the years is once:

  • The head of the Jakarta Municipality Healthcare Plan (DUKM Program 1984-1989).
  • Head of PT. Astek JPKTK Jakarta Healthcare Program (1989-1991).
  • Head of the Health Insurance Business Unit of  PT. Asuransi Jiwa Tugu Mandiri (1992-2001).
  • Established PT. International Health Benefit Indonesia (IHBI ), a joint venture company between the Australian company (IHB Wollonggong) with PT Asuransi Jiwa Tugu Mandiri and became Executive consultant PT. IHBI from 1994 until 2000, as a facilitator for the Health Insurance Associate Course Conducted by the Health Insurance Association of America ( HIAA).
  • Facilitator for Marketing Management Health Insurance at University of Indonesia (FKM – UI).
  • Senior Technical Advisor ARGA Employee‘s Benefit Consultant.
  • President Director and Co-Founder of PT. ARSA Health (JPKM Institution/Managed Care Organization and Third Party  Administrator/TPA).
  • Regional Consulting Partner Ballantyne Mc Keane & Sullivan Health Insurance Consultant And Re-Insurer Broker, LONDON UK.
  • Healthcare Plan Advisor Gesa Assistance and Executive Consultant of PT . ARGA WIJAYA PERSADA, an Employee Benefits Consultant Company.

drg. Moeryono Aladin, SH, SIP, MM

Senior Principal Consultant


A dentist who is also a legal practitioners, has experience in making the regulation, ever been a member of DPR/MPR RI in periode 1999 – 2004, having experience makes a regulation Act (Act/UU), Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah/PP),  presidential  Regulations (Peraturan Presiden/Perpres), and other technical regulations, one of which is a health insurance program organized by BPJS, as a special committee of the National Social Security System in 2004, including experience from start to participate actively in the birth (establish) National Social Security System and all derivative BPJS regulations; as a adhoc team to prepare the implementation of the National Social Security System (SJSN) and implementation BPJS (2004-2014), having experience into the team concept Composer PP/Perpres/Keppres of the National Social Security System, who was then a member of the National Social Security Council (DJSN) in the period 2008-2014, and experience managing several hospitals as a hospital director at  Marinir Cilandak hospital, TNI Angkatan Laut Mintoharjo hospital, Patria IKKT hospital and Lembaga Kedokteran Gigi Indonesia (LADOKGI).




dr. Nurhaidah Achmad, MARS, MHKes, AAAK

Executive Director

A physician and health human resource management doctoral candidate who’s well experienced in managing providers (hospitals, clinic, etc) including managing health insurance, perform cost control technique in health services and qualified health provider credentialing, practitioners in the field of health law and experienced in the assessment process and implementation of accreditation of hospitals and other healthcare providers. Her working  experiences are ever been director at several hospitals (RSIA YPK Menteng, RS Zahirah, RS Patria IKKT dan RS Sibroh Malisi); as mentoring consultant accreditation at some hospitals; as a senior researcher on Hospital Accreditaion Process Impact Evaluation is associated with the quality of services at 9 (nine) type A Hospitals in Indonesia; as experts APINDO Training Center on social security, particularly in relation to implementation Coordination of Benefit (COB) between BPJS with the company; as a consultant PT. Antam (Persero) Tbk about the transfer of the management of health services; as an expert of ministry of rural development to accelerate the health quality development in 13 (thirtheen) rural areas; as a consultant for health information systems at several insurance companies; and as a lecturer on health and hospital management.